Celebrate People offers a range of bespoke humanist ceremonies.  This includes but is not limited to weddings, civil partnerships, funerals, naming and adoption ceremonies and vow renewals.  Our other roles include pastoral care, chaplaincy, retreats and counselling.

In order to create and perform a ceremony which is unique to you, your celebrant will collect certain personal information.  This may be about you, your family, and your friends.  You are fully in control of how much information you want to include in any ceremony you ask Celebrate People to conduct for you. 

All of our ceremonies are conducted by celebrants of Celebrate People.  Each Celebrant is guided and supported by Celebrate People and for purposes of remuneration, operates as a sole trader.  

It is really important to each of our Celebrants that they operate within the law.  This policy lays out Celebrate People’s position regarding personal information held by Celebrant’s in order to offer the range of services in line with our Mission and Belief.

You have certain rights with regards to your data.  This policy is to ensure that you are aware of the information collected, how it is stored, who it might be shared with, how long it is stored and when it is deleted.  It also lets you know any circumstances you might be asked for your consent to share your information. If anything is unclear and you have any questions, please ask.

Under GDPR laws your Celebrant must provide you with the following information.  Their name, address and email address.  It is likely this will all be included in any emails they send you.

According to the Data Protection Act 1998 as amended in 2018, as a sole trader your Celebrant acts as a data controller.  They may also process the information on behalf of other Celebrate People members and if so this privacy policy remains the same.

Your Celebrant collects and uses your data under the category of “legitimate business, consent or vital and lawful interest”.  This policy sets out what that means below in terms of your ceremony.

In reference to special category data (which is anything related to race, ethnic origin, politics, religion, trade union membership, genetics, biometrics, health, sex life or sexual orientation), your Celebrant will only collect these under the category of legitimate business interest as needed to allow your Celebrant to create your bespoke ceremony.  Your approval of the final version of your ceremony will reflect your wish for this information to be used.

The information your Celebrant will keep

  • As part of creating ceremonies your Celebrant may collect information from you about you, your friends and family which may include names and stories about you and them which are central to your ceremony. Your Celebrant will use your contact information to respond to any enquiries and for invoicing you for any related charges. 

  • Your Celebrant will store your information securely, using passwords for electronic/online means and locked up for paper-based.  Your Celebrant will not hold information on you for longer than necessary and will delete as soon as possible after your ceremony.  Some information is required to be kept for up to 6 years for accounting/auditing purposes.

In order to manage your information these data/sources may apply:

  • Your contact details including name, address, telephone number, email address, date of ceremony and ceremony type.

  • Emails, Text messages, Social media posts and Voicemails

  • Personal information from you in person and via telephone or email in order to create your bespoke ceremony.  When meeting, your Celebrant may take handwritten notes and these will be transferred to electronic copy in developing your ceremony.  Thereafter the paper notes will be destroyed.

  • Photographs that you have given your Celebrant for the purpose of the ceremony

  • If you contact your Celebrant or post including them via a social media platform eg FaceBook please check their relevant privacy policies for any data that they make collect as this is outwith your Celebrant’s responsibility.

If Cookies are created via the Celebrate People website (because anytime you visit a website online, cookies are created).  Celebrate People do not analyse or use your cookie data for anything. (

The above information may be shared in the following ways:

  • With the two lead celebrants of Celebrate People in case of emergency, so that they are able to access your ceremony or contact you in the unlikely event that your Celebrant is unexpectedly ill or in an accident.

  • Your Celebrant may also share your ceremony with other trainee celebrants or with peers for the purposes of professional development.  In these cases, your information will be anonymised.

  • Your Celebrant will share your name, venue, date of ceremony with the registrar general, three months before your ceremony date.  This is for legal purposes so you can, in turn, apply for your Marriage Schedule, which is the legal document you, your witnesses and Celebrant sign as part of the ceremony.

  • Your Celebrant may share some details with other organisations or individuals involved in the running of your day such as photographers, venues, florists.  This will only be if they require certain details to help with the smooth running of your ceremony.  Also remember, during your ceremony all the personal details you have agreed for the content will be heard by everyone present.

  • In the unlikely event, if there is any legal obligation on your Celebrant to do so, they will be required by law to share data.

Your right to see information held or to ask it to be removed

  • You have the right to obtain information held about you and this can be done by submitting a request in writing.  Your Celebrant may ask for proof of identity in these instances.

  • You can request that information held on you is deleted.  However, please note that some information may be required for accountancy or legal purposes (for example if a complaint is raised).

  • If you have given details on any person other than you (for example in your ceremony), they have the right to request the source of that information.


Your Celebrant may ask your permission to share images of your day, if you don’t want this, please feel free to decline.



This policy has been reviewed this on 5 September 2019 and will be reviewed annually or before if something urgent comes to light.