We are an organisation that believes in people, in YOU, before any kind of dogma or doctrine.  We trust that you know what feels right for you at the most significant points in your life.  We are here to help you at those moments in any way we can.

We are a not for profit organisation that supports various charities including Ayrshire Hospice, Toilet Twinning across the world, Trees For Life in the Highlands of Scotland, and Plan International supporting girls' education in India (and more).  We believe in humanist principles and offer spiritual care too in our ceremonies, chaplaincy and pastoral care.  

It is a very very rare occurrence, but just in case, for your protection, we are fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. We will provide you with a contact phone number for help on that important day if required.

We have celebrants who are permanently on stand-by in case for any reason your celebrant can't be there.  In 1000s of ceremonies, it's not happened yet!  But you never know, and we want you to be able not to worry about such an occurrence.

We promise that we will live by our values of kindness, compassion, equality and love and in all our work with you, we will demonstrate those openly and generously.


We will travel to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Glencoe, Highlands and Islands and everywhere in between.  We love elopements, castles, hotels, hills and farms and gardens.  We can marry you anywhere that is accessible.  We carry the licence so you don't need to have the venue to have one.  We have celebrants in Ireland and England too.  Humanist Marriage is still to be made legal in England and Wales, but we will continue to support them to gain that privilege.

We go to Europe and beyond to conduct ceremonies too and offer our support to thousands of members of Girl Gone International.

We can conduct wedding ceremonies in Spanish, French and other languages. Just ask for details.

Our founders campaigned for Equal Marriage for over 20 years and were the first women to be married in Equal Marriage in Scotland on the 31st December 2014.  Love is love is love.

We have conducted many thousands of ceremonies over the years and our specially selected 15 celebrants take part in Continuing Professional Development, Review and Support.  Training takes place over around two years with mentoring.   They are some of the most popular in Scotland and we think, of course, for very good reason:  YOU come before anything else.  We offer you our care and our skills and our person centred approach with love and with empathy and with a bit of fun when that's right too..

More than anything we promise to put you first. x