We offer ceremonies, chaplaincy, pastoral care and counselling and retreats from our busy lives.


Weddings  |  Namings  |  Funerals  |  Your Own Ceremony 

Since 2003, our celebrants have conducted ceremonies throughout Scotland and beyond. A Celebrate People ceremony is a personal reflection of who you are and what is important to you. 


Short Breaks  |  Peace and Mindfulness  |  Time and Space  

Our retreats help people explore what life is about for them and to help to make the best of it all.

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Caring  |  Listening  |  Person Centered

We provide pastoral care to families, individuals and couples.  We are often called the 'family humanists' as we conduct marriages or namings or funerals for the same families over two decades.

Campaigning and Talks

Equality  | Human Rights  |  Compassion

We actively campaigned for marriage equality for several decades. Our founders were the first women to be married in Scotland. We offer lectures and talks to universities, government and interest groups. 

Online Counselling

In Times of Need  |  We Are Here

We have several qualified counsellors. Gerrie Douglas-Scott and Julie Thomson lead this service. We are the official counsellors for Girl Gone International. We offer affordable counselling services online or via telephone. 


Celebrate People 

Scotland, United Kingdom


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