Are Weddings allowed yet?

We still don't have explicit instructions or dates, but we are liaising with the Government and will share all the info as soon as it appears. In the meantime, here is a summary of the guidance related to our couples and their plans.

Scottish Government Framework for Decision Making (Route Map). Scotland is set to move into PHASE

1 of the route map on 28 May, which will see some restrictions being eased.

PHASE 2 (pg 25) Registration offices open for high priority tasks. Will allow marriages and civil partnerships and other types of ceremonies to take place with minimal number of attendees. Does that mean 5 then?

PHASE 3 (pg 27)

People can meet in extended groups subject to physical distancing. Relaxation of restrictions to attendance at marriages and civil partnerships beyond “close family”.

PHASE 4 (pg 28)

Mass gatherings resume in line with public health advice.

All ceremonies can take place, with improved hygiene and other precautions.

Timescales for moving through the phases will be dependent on how the virus responds. So let's work together to slow it even further.

And no, you won't have to wait till this age! (Beautiful couple!!)

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