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Getting started is often the hardest part

Even looking to start a therapy journey takes courage. It means you’ve already opened up the possibility of the future being different from the past and you’ve touched your own inner resources and desire for things to change and heal.

This is why the first small steps on this journey of deciding to talk, choosing a therapist and starting some sessions, can be really tough, but also has massive potential.

What is Counselling Like?

Within a safe relational space, therapy brings movement to what is stuck within us. We believe we all have a right to be listened to and that being heard creates the basis for us to to take both small and transformative steps. This type of therapy is called Person Centred and it aims to create the conditions for deeper healing and discovery to happen.

Your therapist will be there for you, non-judging, empathic and fully present. Your time together will be driven by your needs as a unique individual.

What does the Counsellor do?

We believe that the individual is the expert on their life, even if we don’t see it or believe it sometimes. The therapist is not wiser or more knowledgeable,  their skill is in allowing the real issues that have brought you to counselling to emerge.

Through discussions in the earliest sessions we establish a simple agreement or ‘contract’ for how we want to work and a sense of what you as a client want to achieve. We will review this regularly to check we are on track.

Counselling sessions can include talking, quiet times, creativity or bodywork and care of your spirit as a person.  What happens is always agreed between you and your counsellor. Sessions can be in person or online by Zoom, Facetime or similar.

How do you assure the quality of Counsellors?

All of our counsellors sign up to regular group supervision to sustain us and help us grow in knowledge and skills.  All are independent of Celebrate People in their counselling role with their own insurance and Continuing Professional Development activities.  All share the Celebrate People values which include:

  • Unconditional Compassion and Kindness
  • Equality
  • Respect for different beliefs and ways of being

Counselling Fees and Times

Sessions are 50 minutes. Appointment times are agreed between you and your Counsellor.  Create a safe space for the work – online or face to face –

  • Single session – £60
  • 10 sessions – £450
  • Students – £45 per session

We want counselling to be accessible to all, so please don’t hesitate to mention or describe any challenging financial circumstances.



Our Counsellors

Lawrence Kenny - Celebrate People

Lawrence Kenny

Having trained in philosophy, I worked in international business development and leadership for 20 years. I underwent Jungian therapy in Zurich in my 40s and attended seminars in systemic constellations before training as a person centered counsellor in Scotland, where I now live. I divide my time between counselling therapy, teaching yoga and running a retreat.

Phone: 07754 210909

Gerrie Douglas-Scott - Celebrate People

Gerrie Douglas-Scott

I have been a person centred therapist since 2003 and can meet you online or in person. It is my passion and joy to be able to be with people to work through whatever they bring. I have personally experienced the subtle power of counselling to identify and help me make changes that have improved my way of being and living and work out who I am and what I can do. I also offer Supervision to Counsellors and Helping professions. I believe our full presence is the best gift we can offer.

Phone: 07739 826377

Julie Thomson - Celebrate People

Julie Thomson

I am an integrative therapist, person-centred trained and with experience now of integrating CBT skills, hypnotherapy skills alongside my desire to connect and offer a chance to change. My understanding of change is that perhaps what we are aligning to is not to be different but to return to who we truly are, so when we invite change into our lives it may mean that the journey leads us back to the person we are at our happiest and most peaceful.

This may sound like therapy is happy and calm and whilst it may be, it can also be challenging and tricky.

I like the word tricky as life is indeed tricky, so if you would like to work together it would be to stand together through the trickiness and share joy and the love that develops when we connect.

Email: shinyestrellas@yahoo.co.uk


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