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Gerrie Douglas-Scott MPH BA PGDipCouns
Humanist Celebrant

I have been a Celebrant since 2003. I am also the first employed humanist chaplain in NHS Scotland. I've conducted 1000s of weddings and other ceremonies over the years in English, Spanish, French and some Italian!  

I love being a pastoral care chaplain at Ayrshire Hospice and a Celebrate People Counsellor. 

"Empathy and kindness and genuine enjoyment is central to everything I do"

"Loving and Celebrating People is the most privileged, fun and amazing 'work' I have ever done.  From Government Advisor to Marriage and Ceremonies - the BEST move ever!!"

Review from Lorna and Michael

"Gerrie conducted our ceremony and not only is she an amazing humanist celebrant but she is an amazing human! Gerrie helped us design a ceremony that reflect both myself and my, now husband, Michael. Gerrie kept in touch all throughout the planning stages and was just superb on the day. Our ceremony was nothing short of perfect! Gerrie was full of energy and kept all of our nearest and dearest totally engrossed in her lovely words. Many of our friends and family commented in our guest book that it was the most romantic, light hearted, well delivered ceremony they had ever been too! We can’t thank Gerrie enough! You're just a total ray or sunshine and you made our day!"

Susan Douglas-Scott CBE (Human Rights) MSc BSc
Humanist Celebrant

All of my life's work involves loving and respecting people at the centre of everything I do.  My life's career focusses on equality, disability, health and social care. This also helps me understand and empathise with all those who contact me about this central moment in their lives.

"Family and friendship and our children are central to my whole life.  Celebrate People sums it all up!"

Review from Andy Lenihan Videographer:

"I have filmed many Weddings and both Susan and Gerrie are one of the first humanists I would recommend 100%. They make the service so personal and bring the right balance of warmth and humour when required. They conduct the service like life long friends of the Couple rather than reading off a script. I cannot recommend them enough."

Review from Jennifer and James:

Susan was our celebrant at our wedding on the 7th of July, 2018 at 29 Private Members’ Club. It really was the most perfect ceremony and coming from a family who were sceptical of humanist ceremonies, I really believe Susan has won them all over with her natural and welcoming manner. Nothing was an issue to Susan and the ceremony flowed so well. Susan told the story of our relationship to our closest people and it was so lovely to hear - I think many tissues were required. We lit a candle for James’ father who had sadly passed, and it was so heartwarming.
The planning process was also excellent and Susan shared her fantastic Dropbox folder to take the edge off the ceremony planning. 
James and I will forever be grateful to Susan for giving us the most magical day!

Chris Simm BSc(Hons)
Humanist Celebrant

Life has many unexpected twists and turns and becoming a Celebrant is a delightful surprise in my life, and I love it.
I discovered in a most unlikely way that I could speak for others, that I could tell their story through love and empathy and respect.  Words and finding the right words, is very important to me and I didn’t realise how important until I started to really listen to other people’s words, and learn how to deliver them, in the ceremonies that celebrate life, love, birth and difference.
We are all different, everyone celebrates differently and we mark the most important milestones in our lives, in our own unique way. My greatest joy comes from getting that right.

Sarah W. MA (Hons) PGDipCouns and Psychotherapy

Sarah: Empathic, enthusiastic, passionate, listener.
Loves: dogs, daydreams, crisp autumn days, punk rock, cake, gigs, beaches,
Believes in: humans, inclusivity, love, equality, adventures, being kind. And dinosaurs.
Life: It’s a wondrous (sometimes overwhelming) mix of soaring highs, gut-wrenching sucker punches from which you’re never sure you’ll recover, and all those moments in-between. A glance, a sunset shared, watching tv, travelling, hopes, hugs, tears, holding hands, falling asleep: the everyday where falling in love begins, where true life is lived and where without us realising, memories that will last forever are created.
Whatever you’re celebrating – tying the knot, a new life, or marking a life lived – my aim is to help you to capture those moments, to create a ceremony that is uniquely YOU. You might have many ideas and that’s OK. Or you might have no clue where to start. That’s OK too. We’ll work it out together!

Carol Holtom  MSc BEd DipCouns

07880628735    carolcelebrant@gmail.com

In my previous working life I was a counsellor, which means that I am used to being supportive, really listening, helping you explore options and respecting your choices. 
Your wedding or civil partnership ceremony can be everything you want it to be, an opportunity to have a unique and personal event which you and your guests look back on as one of the most enjoyable days of your life. This gives you a huge amount of freedom, but there are so many choices that it can seem daunting. 
My aim is to guide you gently through the process of structuring your ceremony so that you end up with one which truly reflects both your personalities, as well as who and how you are as a couple. Your ceremony can be as serious, humorous or creative as you wish.
On the day, I will guide you through the ceremony we have structured together, aiming to create an atmosphere which helps you to feel calm, relaxed and confident. 
I am a spiritual humanist and believe in the interconnectedness of all forms of life. As well as offering weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies, I teach circle dance.


Paddy Hanrahan

email; pama2495@me.com

Telephone; +44 1415738570

Mobile;    +447774132258

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince. 
I have lived a fascinating life. I was born in South Africa under apartheid and I grew up in a society obsessed with difference. Laws separated people of different colours and ideologies.  I always knew this was wrong and perhaps my early experiences have impacted on my passionate commitment to honouring and celebrating diversity in human beings.
Something I love in life is when people give gifts to one another. In the last few years it has been my privilege to spread joy and magic as Santa Claus, a calling I take very seriously. Ho! Ho! Ho!
I see Marriage as that sacred and special moment when people gift their best selves to each other and I love being able to facilitate and officiate at those times.


Tim Maguire
Humanist Celebrant
Email: tim@humankind.scot
Phone: 07770 555 224

 I was a producer and director for twenty-five years before I trained as a celebrant in October 2005. Since then I’ve conducted more than 1,000 weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies and find that being a celebrant is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Most people first encounter humanism when they attend one of our ceremonies, but it's still not a widely understood word. So, when people ask me 'what do humanists believe?' this is what I say. Humanists believe we should behave towards other people as we'd like them to behave towards us, that we can live good and worthwhile lives guided only by compassion and reason, and that there are more things that unite rather than divide us. Or as we say in Scots, "We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns" - we're all the same under the skin. As well as being a celebrant, I am the Honorary Humanist Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh.

(Thank you First Light Photography for Tim's photo)

To find out more about Tim, read his blogs 

https://humanistweddingsinscotland.blogspot.com and https://tocelebratealife.blogspot.com

Follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/humanisttim/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/humanistweddingsinscotland/

lenny love profile photo.jpg

Lenny Love
Humanist Celebrant
07584 566 486

My first love was always music.

After living in Australia for ten years, doing all sort of different jobs, I came home in 1994 to become a Sony Award-winning producer (and occasional presenter) on Radio Forth, and was one of the founders of the award-winning Scottish club-night ‘VEGAS!’ - still going strong after 20 years - and I still do some DJ’ing at club nights or in pubs.

It was all great experience, but becoming a Humanist celebrant meant that I found my true vocation. It is - without a shadow of a doubt - the most satisfying, fulfilling, and meaningful aspect of my entire life.

Funerals, weddings, and naming ceremonies are major life-events, for everyone involved and, although tears and laughter are there, they all reveal the strongest of all human emotions - love - the most human of emotions, and because of that I consider it to be the ultimate privilege to conduct them.

PS:  I’m a committed, all-year-round 'biker', 


Susan Mathieson

Humanist Celebrant

07774 685973


I was born and brought up on a farm on the outskirts of Edinburgh and have lived in the city itself for the last 34 years.  I have two beautiful grown-up daughters who also live in Edinburgh.  In 2011 I attended my first humanist funeral, and it was this that inspired me to train as a Celebrant. 

Being a celebrant is so rewarding. It’s a huge privilege to be invited into the lives of families at such a difficult time, and an honour to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects the life of the person they loved. I was married in a humanist ceremony in December 2014 and it was the happiest day of my life.  The party was great, but it was the ceremony that everyone still remembers.

I want every couple I marry to have the same experience.  It’s your wedding, and the ceremony is all about you, and the reasons you want to marry.  I’ll help you create a unique ceremony that will be more than you could ever hope for!

Review from Rosalind and Simon

Thank you so much for everything, the ceremony was so special (despite the rainy interval!) and so many people commented to us about how it was their favourite part of the day, so different, so personal and so thoughtful!

Review from Dana and Pat

You were so wonderful on our wedding day! Your ceremony was beautifully written and delivered.  It was just perfect and everything I dreamed of. Many thanks!!


Maureen Waterston 
Funeral Celebrant

mowaters67@gmail.com  Mob 07747090073 Tel 0141 942 3234

Humanist Celebrant performing ceremonies for Funerals.

I have worked in The NHS as a diagnostic radiographer for 23years. This career allowed me to travel and work in New Zealand for 2years back in 2002. A truly magical experience. I am married with a young son, living in Bearsden. I was drawn to training as a celebrant after the journey I shared with my mother who had a terminal illness. Her courage and honesty inspired me.

I aim to develop a ceremony for you that will reflect the life lived by your loved one. I know that   it can be a very overwhelming and busy time so I am here to encourage you to express how you would like your ceremony to be, a ceremony that is your style.

As a spiritual humanist I believe in equality, transparency and love. Love for all. A basic human need.

To start this process we meet, we chat, and I listen.


Sharon Campbell

Humanist celebrant

07920 192106

Email: sharon@humankind.scot

Before becoming a Humanist celebrant I worked for a publishing company, where I was Director of Publicity for almost 15 years. I took a career break after having my daughter, and I was unsure what I wanted to do next.  

Then, after attending a Humanist funeral of a friend, I was blown away.  I was amazed at the comfort and sense of calm that this type of ceremony brought, and I knew immediately that this was the path I wanted to take. So I took the training, and now here I am.

One of the greatest joys of being a celebrant is meeting, and working with, so many wonderful people from all walks of life. I love creating warm and unique ceremonies that celebrate our lives and loves in all their Technicolour glory! 

Conducting weddings is, of course, a pleasure. 

What could be better than being part of  such a joyous occasion?  My aim is to create ceremonies that reflect each individual couple - and every couple is unique. So, it goes without saying that no two ceremonies are alike. 

Most importantly, I want my couples to feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that they are getting married in exactly the way they want to. The day is all about celebrating their love with all the people that matter most.

It’s a privilege and an honour to be part of it all.