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I have loved working at close quarters with people from many different walks of life as a hairstylist and singer. Travelling a fair bit over the years, I have come to know and respect ceremony as an integral part of all of our lives.


I believe there is nothing more important than to be able to celebrate a life in death and say ‘farewell’, or ‘hello’ at the joy of a birth in a way that feels right for you, your family, friends and community.


I’ve grown to understand the importance of celebrating significant life events in a tolerant, compassionate and understanding way that observes the unique and wonderful differences between all of us to bring peace, calm, joy and harmony to the world we live in.


It is a privilege and a delight to be a Celebrant and part of Celebrate People. To have the opportunity to do such rewarding work and represent a group who have empathy and inclusiveness at their heart. 


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