We offer personal and meaningful ceremonies at important moments in your life. 

Celebrate A Life

Image by Dawid Zawiła

Our funeral services are one of the most rewarding things that we can offer.  Humanist with spiritual care is how we describe our ceremonies.

We conduct funerals throughout the UK, Eire and beyond.

We want to help you celebrate the life of the person who will always be in your heart.  We value being there for people, listening and understanding how we can do our part to remember the life of your loved one. We believe that everyone has the right to be remembered and celebrated, no matter what they have chosen as their life path. 

We are often your family celebrant, conducting ceremonies for families we serve for many years.  Some even call us their "Humanist Minister" . 


Our celebrants are trained over a period of two years and are mentored, reviewed and insured. Our celebrants all participate in pastoral care supervision.  We pride ourselves in offering the very best, most professional and loving celebrants in Scotland and beyond.

We will spend time with you and whoever would like to be involved to get know your loved one and conduct a service that would mean something to them and to you.  We are happy for you to include religious content and hymns if this is important to you.

 You can plant a tree in our Memorial Grove - the Celebrate People Woodland.


We are happy to meet a family group either in person or online.  This means we can include and hear from family members or friends across the world.  Our hope is that after the ceremony you will be able to say "It's just like you knew them" or "They would have loved that!"


Humanists by Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime and more.  We are here for you in whatever way we can be.

Recommended Fee: Around £180