We offer personal and meaningful ceremonies at important moments in your life. 

Image by Luma Pimentel

Namings and Welcomings 

Welcome your child into the world, your family and the community in front of those you love! Our celebrants have assisted with countless naming ceremonies over the past 17 years. Parents choose to have a Celebrate People naming ceremony because they want to mark the arrival of their child and demonstrate their love and commitment to the new member of their family. 

Our humanist and spiritual care celebrants travel across Scotland - from Dumfries to the Highland and the Scottish islands to be with you and your family on the most special day.

We believe our name is part of who makes us who we are.  What will we call our child?  it usually reflects family history and heritage or something that means something to you as parents. 

Naming ceremonies often include your wishes and hopes for your child is.  We can offer lots of ideas for readings, poems, wishes that you may wish to include.  

Here is a little excerpt from a naming ceremony:

"I asked John and Ash what they wished for their little one....

Kindness. Above all else.

Love. Yourself, others, our world.

Health. Physical, mental, emotional.

Understanding. Of yourself and others.

Integrity. Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

A sense of wonder. For everything.

Friendship. Be a good friend and you’ll have good friends.

Fun. Sing, dance and laugh out loud.

Gratefulness. For who and what you have.

Creativity. In whatever you do, think outside that box, or rectangle, or circle!"


Of course our family are involved in this celebration of a new life. Grandparents often have an important role in a child's life too and we can give them a special moment in the ceremony.  Big brothers and sisters  might want to do a wee reading or even light a candle or help with a handfasting or planting a tree.  Using water or fire are great symbols of new life and hope.  In many traditions water is used to baptise a child and these symbols resonate very much with our families.   

Some ideas are here - but there are many if you search or ask us for ideas.


Recommended Fee: Around £180 plus travel costs