We offer personal and meaningful ceremonies at important moments in your life. 



We conduct weddings throughout Scotland in every venue you can think of.  Your ceremony is about you two and what matters most to you.  Scottish humanist celebrants who love whatever gives your life meaning and value.  

We travel from Dumfries and Galloway through to Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands to celebrate your love in the way that means most to you.  We can conduct ceremonies in several languages including Spanish, French, Italian and will welcome your own history and heritage in the way that means most to you.

We offer legal humanist marriage and renewal of vows ceremonies in keeping with our Celebrate People beliefs  in compassion, equality, fun, people and love.  We can offer you our extensive skills and experience over 20 years and a range of Scottish celebrants, with you at the centre.  

We are fully insured, disclosure checked and professional, as well as warm and person centred.  Your ceremony is about what life and love mean to you two. We will help to make your ceremony the most unique and personal celebration of your love and relationship. We will work with you to ensure that your ceremony will be remembered and enjoyed  by everyone.

Where to get married?  We have lots of ideas!  A Celebrate People wedding in a farm, a field, a hotel, a castle, a glen, a mountain - we are here for you and will help to 'keep you right' with ceremony matters from start to the moment where you sign the legal marriage document with the famous fountain pen.  

When is the best time to get married in Scotland?  We can give you our experience of working in different locations at different seasons.

Can we write our own vows?  Yes, absolutely - we will give you lots of ideas.

Is it legal to have a humanist Celebrate People celebrant to marry us?  Yes, and your marriage is recognised across the world.  We will help you with the paperwork and never leave you with a blank page!

Can we involve our children?  YES!  It is their day too and we can give you lots of ideas on how to involve them in different ways.

Can we include a prayer or a bible reading?  Yes, whatever gives your ceremony and your life meaning.  1 Corinthians 13 is one of the most perfect expressions of what love means.  Love is.....

Do you do handfasting?  Yes, there are several ways to 'tie the knot' and we can practise that with you and make it really special.

We love and respect what is important to you two and will help you to have your most personal ceremony ever.

If you need to know how to use a fountain pen - we are there!

If you are not sure what legal paperwork to complete - we are there!


When you have questions about Scottish humanist Marriage - we are there!

If this is your first marriage or your second wedding or your ...... :) we believe in you and we believe in love and we will "keep you right" with what you need to do and give you lots of ideas.  

We are absolutely here for you to conduct your personal marriage ceremony with love and warmth.

Love is love.  Find a celebrant who has love and equality at the centre of everything we do.

Recommended Fee: Around £470 plus travel costs

(no membership fee is ever required)