We offer personal and meaningful ceremonies at important moments in your life. 


The moment when you exchange vows of love and commitment is the moment you know what your life is about.  And your ceremony is about what life and love mean to you two. We will help to make your ceremony the most unique and personal celebration of your love and relationship. We will work with you to ensure that your ceremony will be remembered and enjoyed  by everyone.

Recommended Fee: Around £460 plus travel costs

(no membership fee is required)

Image by Luma Pimentel

Welcome your child into the world, your family and the community in front of those you love! Our celebrants have assisted with countless naming ceremonies over the past 17 years. Parents choose to have a Celebrate People naming ceremony because they want to mark the arrival of their child and demonstrate their love and commitment to the new member of their family. 

Recommended Fee: Around £180 plus travel costs

Image by Dawid Zawiła

Our funeral services are one of the most rewarding things that we do. We value being there for people, listening and understanding how we can do our part to remember the life of your loved one. We believe that everyone has the right to be remembered and celebrated, no matter what they have chosen as their life path. 

We plant a tree in the Caledonian Forest to remember the life of your loved one. You can also plant a tree in the Celebrate People Woodland.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering to conduct virtual ceremonies via Zoom, Skype or other video chat applications.  

Recommended Fee: Around £180