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Celebrate a life

Everyone has the right to be remembered, no matter their life path. 

We want to help you celebrate the person who will always be in your heart.  

Funeral services are at the core of what we do at Celebrate People.

They are the most important part of our work, and we are honoured to play our part in remembering the life of your loved one. 

Some people call us ‘the family celebrant’, because we often conduct ceremonies for families over many generations.  Others refer to us their “Humanist Minister”  or Pastoral Carer. 

We will spend time with you and whoever would like to be involved to get know your loved one and conduct a service that would mean something to them and to you.  

We are happy to include religious content and hymns if this is important to you.

Our celebrants are trained over a period of two years, and we are mentored, reviewed and insured. We all participate in pastoral care supervision.  We pride ourselves in offering the very best, most professional and loving celebrants in Scotland and beyond.

We conduct funerals throughout the UK, Eire and beyond, and we are here for you in whatever way we can be.  

We are happy to meet either in person or online. We can meet over Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime and other apps as they develop. The telephone still works too…

This means we can include and hear from family members or friends across the world.  Our hope is that after the ceremony you will be able to say “It’s just like you knew them” or “They would have loved that!”

We believe in treading lightly on the world, even after we have gone, so we are members of the “Natural Death Centre” and can  give advice on green burial practices wherever you are in the UK.  

Why not plant a tree in our Grove to celebrate your love and their life?  the Celebrate People Woodland which is in the Highlands of Scotland Caledonian Forest.


​Recommended fee

Fee: around £190 sometimes with mileage if further away.

Small additional fee for extended funeral ceremonies 

For under 16 year olds there is no charge

Planning a Funeral

Funerals and how they are structured are changing.  Direct funerals where no one is present is a new introduction, then Attended Funerals where there are people there but no ceremony, through to full pieces of dramatic memorial and everything in between.  Ask us if you would like more information on what the options might be.  (They are endless). Safe and dignified are our rule of thumb – and what means most to you and the request of your deceased love one.

We asked one of our celebrants what she would like when the time comes and she started off by saying “Just the usual, a wee service at the Crematorium and a function afterwards”. As the conversation progressed she decided she would like SHeBoom woman drumming group, an ecofriendly coffin (the red paper maché one with the gold sun on it), NO imported flowers, and more than anything, she wanted the last word, so she is going to make a wee film to be shown “to have you all greeting and laughing hopefully”. She wants the family to shop around but would actually prefer a DIY funeral if possible.  The Natural Death Centre explains all the rules – and there aren’t many!!

Some useful funeral websites

Crematoria Options

We know the crematoria well throughout Scotland and many hundreds of graveyards – from Shetland to Dumfries and beyond.
We go to Crematoria and burial sites across the country including:

Edinburgh and the Lothians Funerals

Glasgow Funerals

  • Linn Crematorium, Glasgow Crematorium, The Hurlet CrematoriumCraigton Crematorium

Ayrshire Funerals

  • and many many more

We are here for you! 

Chat to us about a Life Celebration ceremony

We’re looking forward to chatting through the plans