Celebrate People Celebrants are happy to travel all over Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Eire to conduct all kinds of ceremonies.  We show where each celebrant is based on their profile for information only.

Our celebrants are some of the most experienced and popular in Scotland and beyond. We are unique as celebrants in that we are all fully insured, PVG checked, IOC registered for data handling and we all participate in continuous professional development.  
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Location - Based in Ayrshire

I have been a Celebrant since 2003 and a humanist chaplain.  I conduct ceremonies in English, Spanish, French and sometimes some Italian!  I love totally personal ceremonies and helping couples and families to be part of creating memories for the people they love.  It is my joy to respect the beliefs of people with spiritual beliefs too.  And the balance between warmth, humour and the quiet and beauty when you make your vows is central to my approach and my relationship with you.


I love being a pastoral care chaplain at Ayrshire Hospice and a Celebrate People Counsellor. 


"Empathy and kindness and genuine enjoyment is central to everything I do"

My partner and I are passionate about performing intimate humanist ceremonies that are tailored to your needs. Learn more here: www.humanistweddingscotland.com

Twitter: @humanistscot

Celebrate People_Gerrie Douglas-Scott.pn



"Gerrie conducted our ceremony and not only is she an amazing humanist celebrant but she is an amazing human! Gerrie helped us design a ceremony that reflects both myself and my, now husband, Michael. Gerrie kept in touch all throughout the planning stages and was just superb on the day. Our ceremony was nothing short of perfect! Gerrie was full of energy and kept all of our nearest and dearest totally engrossed in her lovely words. Many of our friends and family commented in our guest book that it was the most romantic, light-hearted, well-delivered ceremony they had ever been too! We can’t thank Gerrie enough! You're just a total ray of sunshine and you made our day!"

- Lorna & Michael



All of my life's work involves loving and respecting people in the centre of everything I do.  My career focuses on equality, disability, health and social care. This also helps me understand and empathise with all those who contact me about this central moment in their lives.


"Family and friendship and our children are central to my whole life.  Celebrate People sums it all up!"

My partner and I are passionate about performing intimate humanist ceremonies that are tailored to your needs. Learn more here: www.humanistweddingscotland.com

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"I have filmed many Weddings and both Susan and Gerrie are one of the first humanists I would recommend 100%. They make the service so personal and bring the right balance of warmth and humour when required. They conduct the service like life long friends of the Couple rather than reading off a script. I cannot recommend them enough."

- Andy Lenihan, Videographer

It is difficult to put into words how important your contribution to our day was - we felt totally relaxed, yet guided and supported as you celebrated our love together and for each other. We cannot thank you enough for doing so with such care, sensitivity and warmth. So very many of our friends commented on your incredible skill and sheer brilliance; I have never been to a wedding where the guests were so effusive and felt so genuinely moved. Martin who did the second reading sent us a letter this week which starts ‘ it's hard to put into words how deeply I was moved by your beautiful wedding on Sunday’ - several guests said they had been moved to tears.

- Sian and John, House for an Art Lover, Glasow, 3rd April 2022



Life has many unexpected twists and turns and becoming a Celebrant is a delightful surprise in my life, and I love it.
I discovered in a most unlikely way that I could speak for others, that I could tell their story through love and empathy and respect.  Words and finding the right words, is very important to me and I didn’t realise how important until I started to really listen to other people’s words, and learn how to deliver them, in the ceremonies that celebrate life, love, birth and difference.
We are all different, everyone celebrates differently and we mark the most important milestones in our lives, in our own unique way. My greatest joy comes from getting that right.​​

Celebrate People_Chris Simm.png


"Renewing our vows and your guidance through the ceremony is a beloved and cherished memory. It was so special and we loved it surrounded by special friends and family."

- Al and Lynnie



Celebrate People_Sarah.png

Sarah: empathic, enthusiastic, listener.

Likes: dogs, crisp autumn days, punk rock, adventures, coffee. And dinosaurs.
Conducts: weddings, namings/welcomings, funerals. And anything else you may want to celebrate!


I  have worked for many years supporting people experiencing difficulties and trauma.  This has enhanced my listening skills, empathy and understanding, but also deepened my belief in the fundamental importance of love, and living life your way. The first humanist funeral I attended had such an impact on me that I was motivated to use and develop my skills in a new way - as a celebrant. 


I believe passionately in equality, tolerance and in striving to tread softly wherever we go.  Which is why I feel at home and lucky to be with Celebrate People, a group who's whole ethos is based on this. 


Being a celebrant is so special because the moments I share with people are a total privilege. And because this amazing work honours the beliefs and values which are meaningful in my own life.


I want to get to know you, hear your stories and help you to create a personal ceremony. With you, your beliefs and your loved ones at the centre. Always. 


"Sarah was absolutely fantastic when she conducted our daughter’s naming day. She went out of her way to ensure the service was reflective of our family, sought to understand exactly what we wanted the day to be about, and really endeavoured to make sure that it was exceptionally personal and special. 
Would highly recommend Sarah as a humanist who really encompasses the compassion and love which is at the core of humanist celebrations, she was outstanding."

- Kat



Celebrate People_Paddy Hanrahan.png

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


I have lived a fascinating life. I was born in South Africa under apartheid and I grew up in a society obsessed with difference. Laws separated people of different colours and ideologies.  I always knew this was wrong and perhaps my early experiences have impacted on my passionate commitment to honouring and celebrating diversity in human beings.
Something I love in life is when people give gifts to one another. In the last few years, it has been my privilege to spread joy and magic as Santa Claus, a calling I take very seriously. Ho! Ho! Ho!
I see Marriage as that sacred and special moment when people gift their best selves to each other and I love being able to facilitate and officiate at those times.



I was a producer and director for twenty-five years before I trained as a celebrant in October 2005. Since then I’ve conducted more than 1,000 weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies and find that being a celebrant is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.


Most people first encounter humanism when they attend one of our ceremonies, but it's still not a widely understood word. So, when people ask me 'what do humanists believe?' this is what I say. Humanists believe we should behave towards other people as we'd like them to behave towards us, that we can live good and worthwhile lives guided only by compassion and reason, and that there are more things that unite rather than divide us. Or as we say in Scots, "We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns" - we're all the same under the skin. As well as being a celebrant, I am the Honorary Humanist Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh.

Check out my blogs and social accounts

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"Dear Tim, just a wee note to say many thanks for your help in our sad loss and for conducting such a lovely service for John. 
I found it cathartic to write about John. It was important for me that John won’t be recalled simply as the frail old man with the walking stick and your sympathetic delivery gave life to my words.
Almost without exception,  mourners leaving the chapel commented on your delivery.  I was asked where I’d found you, if I had your number & for one neighbour, about to lose his wife and advised to put affairs in motion, your style of service was just what he needed to find."

- Kaye Gilmour 



My first love was always music.  After living in Australia for ten years, doing all sort of different jobs, I came home in 1994 to become a Sony Award-winning producer (and occasional presenter) on Radio Forth, and was one of the founders of the award-winning Scottish club-night ‘VEGAS!’ - still going strong after 20 years - and I still do some DJ’ing at club nights or in pubs.  Motorbikes were always a passion!


It was all great experience, but becoming a Humanist celebrant meant that I found my true vocation. It is - without a shadow of a doubt - the most satisfying, fulfilling, and meaningful aspect of my entire life.


Funerals, weddings, and naming ceremonies are major life-events, for everyone involved and, although tears and laughter are there, they all reveal the strongest of all human emotions - love - the most human of emotions, and because of that I consider it to be the ultimate privilege to conduct them.

Celebrate People_Lenny Love.png


The ceremony was exactly what we wanted - having you share our 'story' with our family and being an integral part of the day meant the world to us. 

So many of our family and friends have commented on how personal the ceremony was, and also how funny! 


Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into preparing for our big day, and most importantly, thank you for sharing it with us!"

We laughed so much at how most of what we wrote was similar and it was lovely to hear all the things each other had to say. This was something we really needed to help ease stresses of planning and decision making and we are grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to do it!"

- Jen & Kev



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I was born and brought up on a farm on the outskirts of Edinburgh and have lived in the city itself for the last 34 years.  I have two beautiful grown-up daughters who also live in Edinburgh.  In 2011 I attended my first humanist funeral, and it was this that inspired me to train as a Celebrant. 


Being a celebrant is so rewarding. It’s a huge privilege to be invited into the lives of families at such a difficult time, and an honour to create a meaningful ceremony that reflects the life of the person they loved. I was married in a humanist ceremony in December 2014 and it was the happiest day of my life.  The party was great, but it was the ceremony that everyone still remembers.


I want every couple I marry to have the same experience.  It’s your wedding, and the ceremony is all about you, and the reasons you want to marry.  I’ll help you create a unique ceremony that will be more than you could ever hope for!


"Thank you so much for everything, the ceremony was so special (despite the rainy interval!) and so many people commented to us about how it was their favourite part of the day, so different, so personal and so thoughtful!"

- Rosalind and Simon

"You were so wonderful on our wedding day! Your ceremony was beautifully written and delivered.  It was just perfect and everything I dreamed of. Many thanks!!"

- Dana and Pat

 You made a difficult day much more manageable for both myself and the boys, and you are a shining exemplar for not only your organisation but for all humanist celebrants."

- George



Before becoming a Humanist celebrant I worked for a publishing company, where I was Director of Publicity for almost 15 years. I took a career break after having my daughter, and I was unsure what I wanted to do next.  


Then, after attending a Humanist funeral of a friend, I was blown away.  I was amazed at the comfort and sense of calm that this type of ceremony brought, and I knew immediately that this was the path I wanted to take.


One of the greatest joys of being a celebrant is meeting and working with, so many wonderful people from all walks of life. I love creating warm and unique ceremonies that celebrate our lives and loves in all their Technicolour glory! 


Conducting weddings is, of course, a pleasure. 

What could be better than being part of such a joyous occasion?  My aim is to create ceremonies that reflect each individual couple - and every couple is unique. So, it goes without saying that no two ceremonies are alike. 


Most importantly, I want my couples to feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that they are getting married in exactly the way they want to. The day is all about celebrating their love with all the people that matter most.  It’s a privilege and an honour to be part of it all. 

Celebrate People_Sharon Campbell.png


"I’m not sure where to start explaining how exceptional Sharon was in conducting our ceremony.  We wanted someone fun, young at heart and a bit different from the norm. Well, Sharon more than exceeded these expectations! She made us feel so comfortable, encouraged us to be brave, funny and say what we really felt, we felt like she really “got us”.

- Lesley and Steve

Kirsty and I just want to say thank you for the beautiful service you gave our Dad on Friday. Given the current social distancing restrictions there is an additional complexity in understanding the individual families you are working with. However, you were able to convey dads character and values perfectly.


Thank you again!

 PS – We also loved your cape/suit jacket!”

- Katie and Kristy



Celebrate People_Maureen Waterston.png

After my wedding in 2008, conducted by a humanist (Gerrie from Celebrate People) I just knew that this was the type of inclusive ceremony that I wanted to see more of. Life has brought me here and it's my utmost pleasure to bring this personal style of ceremony to many couples. It will be such a privilege to create and conduct your ceremony. A ceremony where you choose every element for your special day. Together we can enable you to celebrate your commitment and joy for each other in your own style.


“Maureen was incredible. With our wedding during lockdown nothing was set in stone but Maureen made it completely stress free. Our ceremony was perfect in every way ❤️. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts or making our wedding day so memorable”   

Frances and Iain Oran Mor March 6th 2021 

“ Thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given us up to and including today. You’ve really captured our personalities with the ceremony and have brought it together perfectly. We are so glad that fate brought us together and you are the one to marry us” 

Fiona and Heather June 5th 2021 Piersland House 

"The funeral service was excellent and when spoke to the family they thought it was perfect and the way Gemma would have wanted it. You carried out the service extremely well considering the circumstances. Thank you again for your help on your help for the service."  Stewart from Keegan Funeral Directors



I have loved working at close quarters with people from many different walks of life as a hairstylist and singer. Travelling internationally a fair bit over the years, I have come to know and respect ceremony as an integral part of all of our lives.


I’ve grown to understand the importance of celebrating significant life events in a tolerant, compassionate and understanding way that observes the unique and wonderful differences between all of us to bring peace, calm, joy and harmony to the world we live in.


It is a privilege and a delight to be a Celebrant and part of Celebrate People. To have the opportunity to do such rewarding work and represent a group who have empathy and inclusiveness at their heart. 


“We feel very lucky to have found in Leigh the most wonderful celebrant for our wedding. She invested time in really getting to know us, our story and our philosophy on marriage. As well as really listening to what we wanted from our ceremony, she offered great ideas for making it unique to us and our beautiful Scottish surroundings. 

The order of the ceremony was well thought-out and inclusive of our guests – including our dog! - and Leigh spoke with warmth, humour and charisma. 

She really ‘got’ us and made us feel at ease. 

Leigh has a talent for storytelling and a real zest for life, and we’re really grateful that she helped make our wedding such a relaxed, love-filled and bespoke occasion. 

We’ll be singing her praises with every recounting of our special day.”

-Andrew and Anna Clayton

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As an actor am best known as the Oyster Café owner, Gina Rossi in River City, throughout the years I have appeared in almost all of Scotland's returning TV series and worked in theatre extensively, as well as delivering workshops in storytelling in many settings. I feel all the above has prepared me well for this stage in my life.  I love the restorative power of ceremony and so appreciate the opportunity to celebrate the significant milestones in life. I believe the potent energies of these can be the impetus for genuine transformation. I look forward to creating with you the best, most unique, personal and moving time, that can be held as a cherished memory for you all.

Celebrate People_Libby_Profile.jpg


Everyone absolutely loved the ceremony and said it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to by a mile ! It was so relaxed, so personal and so loving and little Sophia was so beautifully included in the proceedings. Simply wonderful!

Jen and Jamie’s wedding at Cottiers.

The ceremony was just wonderful and if it's possible more than what we had hoped for.  You did such a wonderful job in conveying our story.
We also had so many amazing comments from people about how much they enjoyed it. 
Catherine and Martin Crieff Hydro wedding

Libby is amazing. Her affability and her observations made her a joy to work with. Our guest’s bond with her over such a short time was incredible.

What could’ve been a nerve-jangling experience ended up being beautiful, inter-connected and relaxed. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Lyn and Saz married at the Gannet.

"Libby is a great asset to any family in their time of need. I would highly recommend Libby to any of my families in the future."   M Brown, Funeral Director

For Baby Brora

You were, Quite honestly, perfect and you allowed the room to understand how important Brora was to our little family.   It’s been a week of reaccepting, understanding and processing but the service certainly allowed us to breathe a little deeper and see a little clearer. Thank you.



I currently direct Aproxima Arts. Before that, I ran NVA, specialising in staging unusual events in unusual places. I was in this role for 25 years. We took thousands of people up mountains, down gorges and on choreographed runs in light suits all over the world!
Closer to home, I started the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh over 30 years ago. I love working with people and finding ways to create powerful ritual moments with depth and compassion. 
There is no greater honour than to help someone mark the life of family or a friend with a fitting celebration or to help a couple share their marriage, with all those they care for, in their own way. 
Becoming a celebrant gives me the privilege, to help make ceremonies that truly capture the spirit and character of a much- loved person or the expression of love between two people and the wider world.


Celebrate People_Angus Farqhuar.jpeg



IMG_8345 - Aileen .PNG

It’s an absolute privilege to be trusted with a loved one’s funeral or a couple’s wedding ceremony. To be welcomed into people’s lives at such an important time is an honour indeed and it is so important to be able to write and deliver a ceremony which is meaningful to those involved.

Having worked in factories, bars, shops and offices and latterly as a Primary School Teacher for twenty two years, I’m used to working and communicating with people from all walks of life.

I love being surrounded by my family, loud music, going to gigs, food, cycling, travelling and walking along beaches regardless of the weather.

Live your best life, laugh, be kind and be humble.


“Aileen is a fantastic celebrant.  Her attention to detail and enthusiasm is exactly what everyone needs to make their wedding ceremony that extra bit special.

Aileen is so great at guiding you through the process and has amazing ideas that ensure that on the day there are still a few surprises.

She really gets to know couples and their vibe and makes everything so personal.

We could not have asked for a better celebrant. If you are looking for someone to make your wedding ceremony perfect, then give her a message. You won’t regret it!

Thank you Aileen for being so amazing.

- Gem and Jamie Harris



A Blackett Photo.jpg

I'm honoured to be a Celebrant with Celebrate People. I'm available for Funerals, Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Vow Renewals and to help you mark any of life's momentous events. I'm based in the South Side of Glasgow but also love an excuse to see parts of Scotland that I haven't visited before.

I've worked in mental health in the NHS for all of my working life and have never ceased to be inspired by people’s incredible resilience. I strive to bring the same curiosity about people, and compassion for their unique life experiences and perspectives, to my work as a Celebrant. Whatever event you are planning, at whatever of life’s milestones you find yourself, it would be my greatest honour to create a ceremony with you, as individual as the people involved.


We just want to thank you for making our wedding day so special. The ceremony was beautiful and so personal for us. I can’t thank you enough for everything and working with us months before to make it perfect. It truly was the best day of our lives!”

“Thanks again for being our celebrant, we felt from when we had that zoom call with you all that time ago that we knew we made the right decision choosing you” 

“We want to say a massive thank you for 👶 naming ceremony.  Everything was amazing and we have had so many compliments about the ceremony and how fantastic you were!  No one who was there had ever been to a naming ceremony before and they all said how unique and personal you made it for us!  We honestly cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful ceremony”

“Thank you so much for this, you’ve created the exact ceremony we wanted - light-hearted and full of love and joy. You’ve been a dream to work with 💕”


Angela Campbell .jpg


The realisation I was a humanist came later in life for me, and when discovered, gave my life sense and meaning. I see us all as individuals and for a better world, wish we could all be more thoughtful, kind and non-judgemental.

I have had a varied career working in hospitality, retail, human resources and nursing. These different areas have helped me to understand people at their best, worst and at their most vulnerable. 

After attending a humanist funeral, I witnessed the comfort a family can take from the process of planning an individualised service and I knew this was something I’d like to do. It gives me great joy to be able to write and conduct a wedding ceremony that is all about the couple, their love and their life together. If my couple are happy with their ceremony, then that in turn makes me happy.

I enjoy family life with my husband, grown up children, two little maltese terriers and now have a gorgeous grandson to spoil.


Couldn't recommend Angela enough, the service was put together perfectly with real love and emotion. During the build up to the wedding there was constant contact and video calls so we could run over everything and make tweaks if needed. Thank you again Angela for being our Celebrant!

Paul and Lorna

Angela was our celebrant twice this year, first for our small garden ceremony in April and then for our big wedding in October. Angela was an amazing support throughout the whole process, helping us with telling our love story which she captured so well. Everyone has commented on how personal and lovely our ceremony was. Angela kept in touch with us regularly and we really felt comfortable with her as if she was a family friend, this helping us feel so much more relaxed on our wedding day. Angela went above and beyond and we can't thank her enough! We are so glad we chose Angela to marry us twice!

 Craig and Eilidh 



Life's big events- happy and sad- have such a huge impact on us. Really responding from the heart, I think, is crucial. I’m also a mindfulness practitioner and teacher and former secondary teacher which helps. I'm also big on the importance of laughter and the need for a sense of humour in this mad old world of ours. 😊


If I'm the right person for you - and this is really important -I really look forward to the opportunity of helping create a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony with memories you will always cherish. I can perform weddings, vow renewals, funerals and naming ceremonies. Maybe I’ll see you down the road. 🙏😌💙🌈


Can't thank Carol Ann enough for everything she has done the past few years from planning our ceremony to postponing but finally on the 12/06/21 we finally got married, we were the first couple Carol Ann (legally) married and I'm sure we won't be last. Thank you once again for everything Carol Ann lots of love from Mr and Mrs Miller xxxxx'

- Paula and Greg





I have lived in many several different countries in this wonderful world of ours. In each of these I have embraced the different cultures and beliefs but most importantly the people. I was intrigued by to hear their stories and their journey through their lives. We are all very similar.  This lets me deliver parts of ceremonies in different languages.

Often, we look for love, compassion, empathy and respect from others and we strive to return these gifts.


From welcoming a new life in to your own, to joining with another or saying farewell to those we love I will be there to help you every step of the journey. I look forward to being part of it.


We were originally to be married in July 2020 but due to Covid we pushed to 1st May 2021 and ever process of it was made so much more relaxed thanks to Rhona.

Upon our first chat to see if Rhonawas the right fit for us she made me feel so relaxed and at ease.

All the way to the day we were in contact helping us with our forms, FaceTiming, emailing..

due to covid we weren’t able to meet in person till the day of the wedding and she couldn’t have done a better job to get to know us.

Thank you for everything Rhona, hopefully we’ll get our part 2 soon to catch up again!


We are very grateful to Rhona McLaclan who recently led the funeral service for our Mum, and everyone there commented on what a lovely service she delivered.  She is a lovely lady who spent a lot of time with me and my sisters, drawing out information and stories about Mum, which she turned into a moving, but lighthearted and humorous, celebration of Mum’s life.  Thank you Rhona!



isinclair yellow tie_edited.jpg

I am a former community education worker who hails originally from the South Side of Glasgow, but I moved to Hamilton in 1989. I have always been one of those individuals who sees himself as a “people person” and my time working in the diverse and wonderful communities of Lanarkshire was an absolute joy. It has been my life’s work to help people realise their potential; to achieve their goals and to be listened to and heard. Community work is always rewarding, but even more rewarding is the work I do now as a celebrant.


Since becoming a celebrant in 2017 I have worked with so many wonderful families and couples, ensuring their special ceremony is perfect, appropriate and fitting. I look forward to meeting you.


“We're finally decompressing from the big day, and wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job with our ceremony. We loved it (though it's a little bit of a blur!), and everyone commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. We really appreciated the time you took to go through the drafts with us, and it really was exactly what we wanted our ceremony to be, even though at the start we weren't really sure! That it was perfect was down to your help and guidance throughout the whole process. We are very happy to recommend you as a personable, thoughtful, and enthusiastic celebrant, who will go the extra mile to make the day perfect.”

“Iain officiated at our marriage vow renewal. He put a great deal of time and effort into preparing a beautiful narrative of our life together . Iain worked closely with my husband and daughter to make sure no detail was left out of our life story and was part of a huge surprise orchestrated by my husband and daughter.. We could not have had a more professional or empathetic person playing such an important role in our vow renewal. I would not hesitate to recommend Iain for any celebration. He truly cares and it shows in his wonderful demeanor and presentation”

“Iain conducted my father's memorial service yesterday and I can't recommend him highly enough. I contacted him by email from New Zealand and met him in person a few days before the service. Iain is a kind, professional celebrant who goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect. Thanks so much for making Dad's sendoff a day to remember.”

“I would just like to thank you for holding the service on Thursday, everyone said how you had him to a T. You captured a larger than life personality full of fun, one liners and cheek in 40 minutes. It was a very uplifting and fitting send off for him. I just wanted to let you know it really did mean a lot to us”




I have been working as a musician for 30 years playing piano and entertaining people in bars and venues across Europe. I loved travelling and was lucky to meet and get to know many people in different countries. My job brought me to many weddings as an entertainer and I always enjoyed the humanist ceremonies that I was part of, they felt more personal and I always felt privileged being a part of them.   

I enjoy working with people and I am looking forward to moving into this new chapter in my life as a celebrant associate with Celebrate People. I wish to contribute and help people have the type of ceremony that they deserve. 

Based in Dublin, Ireland




As you can see from my profile picture I am of a particular vintage and while this might suggest I am not a potential contender for an iron Man event hopefully it also suggests that I have run the race, fought the fight {continue to do} and gained a lot of life experiences.

I was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. The youngest of sixteen children I was raised in a two-bedroom house in a working-class area in a community of caring sharing people.

My life experience has taught me many things. It has taught me the importance of living and loving without labels, to value people’s own belief about life and love, and in my work as a celebrant it has taught me the importance of being person centred. This is not just a nice little phrase to impress, this is one of the core principles of the wonderful community of people I am privileged to be part of. It means being empathic, understanding where you are at, caring and supporting you in Joy and in sorrow.

The most important lesson I have learned I believe is that love is our essential nature.

Throughout life there are many landmarks where we can ceremoniously celebrate that love.

Marriage is one of these landmarks and deserves to be celebrated in a way that truly reflects both individuals in a personal and bespoke way.

The loss of a family member or loved one is another Landmark that can be a very sad and challenging time. These challenges I believe can be faced and embraced in a ceremonious reflection of the life and loves of the one who has died.

I conduct ceremonies that are beyond dogma and separatist beliefs.

If you need me, I am here.