What’s your last song?
September 27, 2022
Scottish Retreats - Celebrate People

The soundtrack of funerals is changing. Hymns haven’t made it into the Co-Op’s Top Ten Funeral Chart for several years, but it seems most people are still reluctant to say they want played at their own funeral.

You don’t have to have music at a funeral. Some people choose to have a recording of the Dawn Chorus as their time for reflection, but this morning, Gerrie Douglas Scott found herself introducing a soundtrack of a very different kind.

Andy, the deceased, was her washing machine repairman, so she thought she knew him pretty well. What she didn’t know was that he was a real aviation enthusiast, who knew everything there is to know about pretty much every aircraft ever to take to the skies.

One of his favourite planes was the supersonic jet liner Concorde, but the other was the one that inspired its design; the Avro Vulcan, the delta-wing, high-altitude bomber, which was in service with the Royal Air Force for almost 30 years after its first flight in 1956.

Vulcan bombers were often the main attraction at airshows in the years after they were retired from active service in the mid-1980’s, but the last airworthy plane made its final flight in 2015. Andy must have loved the sound it made, because that was what he chose as the soundtrack for the Time for Contemplation at his ceremony today.

You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty different! What will you choose when the time comes?