Floreat glasgow
January 30, 2024
Scottish Retreats - Celebrate People

Our celebrant Angus Farquhar is also the director of Aproxima Arts, who recently launched – or maybe that should be – seeded – an exciting new project, Glasgow Requiem.

A 3-year creative programme, it’s happening in ‘The Necropolis’, Glasgow’s famous ‘City of the Dead’ which contains more than 50,000 marked graves of the richer residents of the city. Less well known is that the Necropolis also contains 21,000 unmarked graves, where people were buried without a memorial because their families or friends couldn’t afford the price of a headstone or lair.

The idea behind Glasgow Requiem is simple; to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived, worked, and died in Glasgow at a time of great change, and it all kicked off in December 2023 when 60 hardy souls planted 15,000 spring bulbs. Celebrate People founders Gerrie and Susan Douglas-Scott read a dedication, and Karine Polwart sang a beautiful song specially composed for the occasion.

You can keep up with the project here – and volunteers will always be warmly welcomed!