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We believe in...

Unconditional Compassion, Belief and Religious Harmony, Equality

CELEBRATE is a group of like-minded people promoting humanism and spirituality. Our belief system offers a moral compass for compassionate behaviours and sustainable living. We believe through celebrating our spiritual connections this gives our lives meaning and purpose. We believe empathy has a spiritual dimension and is key to respect, healing and peace for every person regardless of who they are. Our beliefs are a spiritual expression of the humanist principles in the Amsterdam Declaration 2002. (click here) and the Scottish Government’s Guidelines on Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in the NHS.

Unconditional compassion

At CELEBRATE we believe in the bonds between every living being, human and animal, across this planet we all share. We promote loving kindness to all and celebrate our connection through person centred interaction, care and compassion. We believe we are all joined in a way that we don’t necessarily understand. Through our way of being we strive to support one another to develop these unseen connections with love as part of our journey through life. We also hold that through respect for the earth itself we are in turn supporting all living beings.

Belief and religious harmony

At CELEBRATE we embrace belief and religious pluralism. We respect and encourage tolerance and understanding of all faiths and beliefs. We feel that peace in the world can only be achieved through all peoples living in harmony. We believe our way of being in the world expresses our humanist spirituality and that this merges beautifully with our expression of humanism. We embrace living this way and sharing our way of being with others, through one to one interactions, chaplaincy, pastoral care, retreats and ceremony. By meeting with others we share an understanding of how to build peace and love for ourselves, each other, within families and communities. “Humanism can be a way of life for everyone” as outlined in the Amsterdam declaration.


At CELEBRATE we embrace equality and diversity and seek to celebrate everyone’s individuality. We recognise and promote messages and practices of equality. We seek to embrace a wide range of equality issues including age; disability; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion and belief; gender; sexual orientation and class. We believe in challenging inequality by offering alternative responses that celebrate individuality and difference. We believe in compassionate and accepting ways of being with all people embracing our similarities and differences.